Latest UPK Topics Published

April 20, 2018

Latest UPK Topics

As of April 20th, we have updated the Delphi UPK with new topics listed below:



• Aggregate Execs Data

UCBUD>Admin Forms >

• Add SBR Combination

• Move to SBR

Smart View>Advanced Smart View>

• Log into Smart View for Oracle Essbase

• Review the Smart View Menu Items

• Review the Essbase Menu Items

• Aggregate Execs Data (Smart View)


In the next couple of weeks, we will be working to complete the following topics for your final review and subsequent publishing:


UCBUD>Admin Forms

• Enter Budget for Ledger 0 and Ledger 8 Accounts

Smart View>Advanced Smart View>

• Understand Key Concepts of Smart View for Oracle

• Build Report Using Smart View Essbase

• Set Options in Smart View for Oracle Essbase