About Delphi

Delphi is the name for the Oracle Hyperion applications developed for budgeting and forecasting at the university. It has a web interface and an Excel based interfaced called Smart View. It is used by all financial administrators to enter and track their budgets. 

Delphi Website

To access this website it is best to use Mozilla FireFox.  You will need your CNET Id (which is your User Name) and your CNET password to log into the website. 

Access to Delphi (PDF)

If you need access for a Department, please include the Exec number and the Department number.

Delphi Backups and Nightly Processing

  • Nightly processing will take place. Users should be out of the system by 10PM.
  • Backup Schedule

         - Monday – Saturday 4:30AM – 6:00AM

         - Sunday 12:15AM – 2:30AM

  • Users should not be in the system during these times.