• Paul Castellucci Associate Vice President and University Budget Director

    Email: pjcastel@uchicago.edu
    Phone: 773-702-1224

  • Kathleen Fabiny Executive Director of Budget Operations

    Email: kfabiny@uchicago.edu
    Phone: 773-702-1926

    Area of Focus

    • Responsible for day-to-day management of the University operating budget
    • Lead functional staff person for Delphi
  • Stephanie Hunter

    Stephanie Hunter Budget Infrastructure Manager

    Email: stephanieh@uchicago.edu
    Phone: 773-834-7975

    Area of Focus

    • Budget Office lead for the planning and management of all budget allocations
    • Budget Office support for Delphi and budget reporting
    • Budget Office liaison for the College, Enrollment & Student Advancement, Graham School, and SSD
  • Amy Koh Director of Financial Strategy

    Email: amykoh@uchicago.edu
    Phone: 773-702-8156

    Area of Focus

    • Management of the University’s long-range financial model and planning processes, including capital planning
    • Oversight of the team that serves as budget liaison for both academic divisions and auxiliary enterprises
    • Analysis and project management for a variety of strategic initiatives, including the University’s budget modernization initiative
  • Cassidy McPherson Senior Financial Analyst

    Email: cassidymcpherson@uchicago.edu
    Phone: 773-834-3350

    Area of Focus

    • Budget Partner for the Law School, Harris School, Urban Labs, and the Oriental Institute
    • Primary analyst for research grants and contracts, back-up analyst for tuition allocation and SSO
    • Unit Level Analyses for the Budget Office and the Office of the Provost
  • Najiya Nawabi Senior Financial Analyst

    Email: nnawabi@uchicago.edu
    Phone: 773-702-0954

  • Julia Regent Senior Capital Strategy Analyst

    Email: juliaregent@uchicago.edu
    Phone: 773-702-2085

    Area of Focus

    • Management of the University’s capital planning process
    • Budget Office liaison for auxiliary enterprises
    • Primary analyst for forecasting auxiliary and other revenues, as well as other ad hoc analytic support
  • Norma R. de Yagcier Executive Assistant

    Email: ndeyagci@uchicago.edu
    Phone:: 773.834.9382